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Egg Pappardelle (12mm)

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Traditional pasta from Italy

Rich egg scent

Durum wheat makes the wide surface elastic, tough and not easy to break


Fiordimonte specializes in making authentic and traditional egg and semolina artisan pasta. Their pasta is tough and elastic. It can keep cooking, absorb and retain seasonings, and has a strong and rich flavor like homemade pasta.

Slow Working

The tough and elastic dough is obtained with a slow and careful processing of the semolina with cold water below 15 ° C, to ensure optimal hydration and to correctly form the protein network that harnesses the starch granules, preventing them from dissolving during cooking.


The drying has an average duration of about 30 hours for semolina pasta and about 20 hours for egg pasta, through ventilation cycles at low temperatures, we gradually extract the moisture from the pasta in order not to alter its structure, keeping it intact the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product.

Product Information

Ingredients: Italian durum WHEAT semolina , 33% of fresh whole pasteurized  Italian EGGS. 

Country of origin: Italy

Net weight: 500g

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