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French Bee Pollen

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Core product of the beehive, French pollen bee is harvested during the bee’s foraging.

Its range of colors comes from diverse foraged flowers. 

Naturally rich in proteins, pollen is essential in the bees’ alimentation as it is their unique protein intake.

100% Raw

No preservatives/ added flavouring


No sugar added

Bee pollen is rich in amino acids with the following health benefits*

• Promote and maintain the health of prostate glands and urinary system

• Strengthen digestion and improve constipation 

• Regulate the nervous system, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep quality 

• Protect the liver

Tasting Suggestions

• To enjoy at most this beehive treasure, it is recommended to consume one to two teaspoons of Hédène French bee pollen every morning during breakfast.

• For the most gourmets, Hédène French bee pollen is perfect with white cheese or yogurt or even fresh fruits.


Ingredients: 100% French Bee Pollen

Net Weight: 60g

Country of Origin: France

Friendly Reminders

· Bee pollen is a food that can easily cause allergies, pregnant women, nursing women and children under one year old are not suggested.

· Store in cool condition, away from sunlight.

* This product is made of natural bee pollen, for customary consumption as food and for well-being. It is neither a dietary supplement nor medicine. The benefits mentioned above refer to the health benefits that the bee pollen itself may have.

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