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Brands' Stories

We choose quality brands owned by small-to-medium scale enterprises in Europe as our business partners. The founders of these brands strive for the best quality of their products, with a sense of belonging to their home country and pride in the natural produce there.

We share the same values. The products we sell to customers are something these founders consume every day. We import not only their products but also vision and pursuance of the best quality, turning their daily food into ours. Living in one of the busiest cities on earth, you deserve these natural gifts from a far corner of the world.


Arctic Power was founded by Anna and Eve. Having grown up in Lapland, Finland, they have been best friends since primary school. Like many other Finns, picking berries from the backyard is a childhood hobby. After moving to London for 4 years, they had started to miss Finnish nature and the fresh berries in the hometown. 

They found the cultivated berries from local supermarkets do not taste the same as the Finnish wild berries at all. Fresh berries go off really quickly and frozen berries are often either too expensive or always unavailable. That is why they used to throw half a year’s supply of Finnish berry powders into our suitcases on each trip back to London. By doing so for more than 3 years, they had come up with an idea to share the wild berries from home with other people.

Eve is in fashion marketing and freelance styling, while Anna’s is in sports therapy and massage. They believe in a healthy balance in life, instead of avoiding every kind of unhealthy food and drink. 

Arctic Power values natural products, good quality, and sustainable choices. For a brand whose products are dependent on nature, it is particularly important to minimise environmental impacts and to support sustainable solutions. Arctic Power berries are something that the two founders use every day.

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Hédène was founded by Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis. They were both raised in traditional beekeeping families in France. They consider honey as a noble and natural product with a wide range of aromas, and also the source of great pleasure. After graduating from universities, they are both determined to innovate in the traditional beekeeping sector. Therefore, Hédène was established. 

Hédène strictly selects the places in wild forests for establishing the apiaries. The French traditional know-how ensures the quality of honey. Every Hédène honey is authenticated,  with a specific aroma from the symbolic mono-flowers that represents the place of origin.

The name Hédène is a reference to the Garden of Eden according to Genesis and the crucial role of the pollinator bee. In addition to this, the H, is an allusion to hedonism, hence honey, with its range of flavors, colors and textures, offers various pleasures at any time of the day. Regarding the E, it refers to the sweetness of honey, a raw and natural product.

Finally, the accents illustrate the 100% French origin and French-style refinement. The word Hédène is as unique as the brand’s image and its range of honey.

Hédène, as a 100% French authentic and luxury honey upholds 3 core values, namely traceability, refinement and deliciousness. Hédène also appeals to great chefs in gastronomy, such as Serge Vieira, an owner of a 2 stars Michelin restaurant and a Bocuse d’Or winner.


Poikain Parhaat was founded by Nikolas Jokisalo and Pertti Hakala, as a Finnish beverage company in Tampere. Its aim is to make Finnish flavors available for everyone, using ingredients from the Finnish nature as much as possible.

During the Christmas season of 2016, two young boys made 1300 bottles of glogg in Nikolas's apartment and delivered the products to a Christmas fair by car. Surprisingly, the product received lots of interest, and the boys founded their company, Poikain Parhaat. 

They use the wild berries from Kainuu Forest and some gardens in East Finnland, all being handmade as the freeze-dried berries. They hope to promote the 4 symbolic berries to the rest of the world, namely bilberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant and raspberry.

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