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Hédène Rhododendron Honey from Pyrénées

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Hédène Rhododendron Honey  from Pyrénées

 Tasting Notes: Rose, Citrus , butter


The rhododendron honey is harvested in Pyrénées with 3000m altitude.

Hédène's rhododendron honey has fruity and rose aroma which bring you delight and pleasure, following with a citrus note.

Recommended Cheese Pairings
· Brioche
· Toast
· mix with Arctic Power Berries powder


Ingredients: 100% French Rhododendron Honey 

Weight: 250g

Country of origin: France

Hédène's Principle

The Most Beautiful Wildflower - Melliferous density of a single wildflower in a 3km-radius

Extracted from Honey Frames - Hédène makes sure only capped frames are extracted from the hives to obtain the highest quality for its honeys

A Sustainable Beekeeping - Hédène undertakes to select honey frames only from the superhives so that colonies may support their needs during winter

Cold Extraction - Subjected to cold centrifugal power through fast rotation, to clear cells and extract honey

Bottling - No Pasteurisation during bottling, retaining the most original unique aroma

Traceability and Designations’ Authentication

-- Know more about Hédène traditional beekeeping technique --


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