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Stomach Guard - Freeze Dried Blackcurrant

  • Product Code: Poikain Parhaat 芬蘭原粒凍乾野莓
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The almost 24-hour-sunshine in summer on the Land of the Midnight Sun enriches a lot more nutrients in Finnish wild berries than the cultivated berries. 

Finland wild berries are available in HK now, lets enjoy it!

Finland Freeze Dried Blackcurrant

Benefits of blackcurrant
- Vitamin C content of 4 times the orange, strengthening the immune system
- Rich in vitamin E, strengthens the immune system
- Gamma- Linolenic Acid in blackcurrant helps to improve cardiovascular diseasediabetic neuropathy

Experts’ sharing: Blackcurrant helps combat Helicobacter pylori

Dr. Ku Siu Pui, PHD in Immunology, had a sharing at a local Chinses newspaper, Ming Pao, He suggests the colonisation of Helicobacter pylori at the gastric wall would stimulate the secreting of excess acid in the stomach. Helicobacter pylori turned the the sugars broken down from starch into gas, resulting in stomach flatulence or heartburn reflux. If one eats blackcurrants 15 minutes before meal, it could help inhibit the adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to gastric parietal cells. After 15 minutes, the food inside the stomach could bring Helicobacter pylori along and leave the stomach, relieving gastric discomfort.

Recommended Usage

· Eat 6-8 freeze dried blackcurrant 15 minutes before meal, 

· Mix with yogurt or cereal

· Add to salad


Ingredients: 100% freeze dried blackcurrant

Net weight: 15g

Country of origin: Finland

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