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Honey and French Propolis

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Hédène French honey and propolis is a preparation allying the aromatic power of Hédène monofloral chestnut honey and the unique taste of French propolis. Its liquid texture and its woody flavor make it more pleasant to swallow, compared with other propolis products in general.

Propolis is the treasure of nature -- thousands of years ago, the ancient civilizations have made use of the medicinal value of propolis. The Greeks used it to treat abscesses; the Assyrians placed it on wounds and tumors to treat infection and help with healing.

In the natural environment, propolis is initially made by bees to construct and restore their hive. This embodies its nature of anti-inflammation. 

Heath benefits of Propolis:

Helps relieve nasal allergy

Soothe sore throat

Strengthen the immune system


- Suitable for people with a weak immune system and nasal allergy.

Tasting suggestion:
It is recommended to consume one spoonful every morning during breakfast
You can also mix it with a cup of hot milk

Ingredients: French chestnut honey 98%, French propolis 2%
Country of origin: France
Weight: 125g

1. Hwu YJ, Lin FY. Effectiveness of propolis on oral health: a meta-analysis. J Nurs Res 2014

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