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About JMC



JMC Wild Forest Limited was founded by Jannie and Herman. It is a Hong Kong incorporated limited company and registered food importer. Its store is located at Shop 913, 9/F, Radio City SOLO, 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay.

The initial idea for Jannie to start JMC is originated from her experiences in sharing natural food from Europe with her family and friends. In recent years, more and more natural food products and supplements of those big American, European, Australian and New Zealand brands can be found everywhere in the market. These products vary in price, place of origin, certification, and the intensity of the nutrition contents. However, the major ingredients of these products are more or less the same. Customers are quite frustrated about choosing a suitable product for their needs.

Many friends who have lived in, stayed in or traveled to Europe may notice that there are quite a number of small-to-medium scale enterprises selling their own unique food products of their place. The founders of these brands were born in a place where natural resources are well preserved. They grew up with quality natural food. Having grown up, they share their childhood favourite food with the rest of the world by setting up their own entreprises. We believe, out of the values associated with their products and personal experience, together with the sophisticated EU standard, the quality of the food is best guaranteed.

Principles of choosing a brand for cooperation

We strictly select each brand and each product in order to meet our founding vision with the following principles:

Product Requirements

  • 100% Natural
  • No artificial additives such as colouring, preservatives or antibiotics
  • Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Made of wild or naturally and sustainably grown food

Brand Vision

  • Sharing similar beliefs as ours - "leading a natural life"
  • Valuing brand implementation, improvement and the quality of products
  • Standing out from the competitors, and being endorsed and recognised by the local consumers and media

Price Determination

  • Being close to the average price of similar products in the market, but of course the quality deserves a best price

JMC Wild Forest travels to Europe and searches for products that match the principles above, bringing you quality and reasonably priced natural products from Europe. You could then enjoy these natural gifts with us. In addition, we provide some referencing information for clients to choose the most suitable products in terms of product features and nutrient contents. We hope this could save your time on research and choose the right product most conveniently.

What we choose and sell is the food we eat with someone we love every day. We believe, if we could not convince ourselves to consume these products daily, how could we introduce them to our friends, colleagues and clients?

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