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Gluten Free Organic Teff Flour (Brown) (Holland)

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Teff (biological name: Eragrostis tef, borrows the name "The grass of Love" in Greek) is an Ethiopian superfood. It has the smallest grain size in the world! (size of 1 wheat grain equals 100 tefff grains!)

Teff flour

- naturally gluten free, produced in a dedicated free-from factory in The Netherlands

- no bleaching process 

- high in carbohydrates (67.7g in 100g) 

- contains in dietary fibre (7g in 100g) 

- low in fat (only 2.9g in 100g) 

- contains minerals such as calcium and iron

Teff flour flavour characteristics

natural hazelnut and cocoa with gentle toasty aroma

Teff flour flavour affinities

nuts, chocolate, dark fruits (e.g. cranberries, blueberries, grapes, cherries, raspberries), aromatic seeds

Ingredients: Organic Brown Teff

Weight: 500g

Origin: The Netherlands

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