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Hédène Linden Honey from Picardie

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Notes: Mint, Citrus, Prune

Hédène linden honey comes from linden flowers with menthol overtones. Like acacia honey, it has an aromatic fineness that perfectly dissolves into drinks and mouth.

It has a unique aroma, minty sweetness without sourness.

The linden’s blossoming period is unpredictable. It generally happens from mid-May to July,  then the honey is harvested in July.

Eucalyptus nectar has a soothing effect , especially for soothing throat and bronchial discomfort.

About Picardy

Picardy (French: Picardie) is a flatland, with an altitude below 1,000 feet (300 metres), located at northern part of Paris Basin. Proximity to Paris in the south, it gives rise to agricultural and industrial prosperity. The region has an unrivalled stretches of coastline in France, next to the English Channel, with beautiful plains, forests and rivers. It is also a historic region regarded as the birthplace of Gothic architecture, with six most typical Gothic cathedrals, and the battlefield of the bloodiest Battle of the Somme in World War One.

Picardy is not a very well-known wine region but it has a long history of viticulture and winemaking.

“Champagne” is a appellation that very strict criteria in French wine applies. 

One of its administrative region, Aisne, produces almost 15% of the country’s Champagne which has been permitted by a law since the year 1936.

Besides, the Hypocras, a red wine with ingredients including honey and cinnamon, the Saugette, a white wine with honey, and the Claret, a white dessert wine with cinnamon are all symbolic medieval wines in the region.

Recommended Cheese Pairings

  Well-matured mouldy rind cheese

· Brie de Meaux

· Brie de Melun

 · Camembert de Normandie

 · Coulommiers

 · Neufchâtel

Recommended Food Pairings

 · Milk 

 · Mint Tea

 · Green Lemon


Ingredients: 100% French Linden Honey

Weight: 250g

Country of origin: France

Suggested Usage

One to Two tea spoon per day, can directly eat or pair with above foods and cheese.

This is raw honey, Pasteurizing is not used during bottling to guarantee a unique aroma to each of Hédène French honey, for the kids with age below 3 are not suggested.



Store in cool condition, away from sunlight. 

*This product is made of natural acacia honey, for customary consumption as food and for well-being. It is neither a dietary supplement nor medicine. The benefits mentioned above refer to the health benefits that the honey itself may have.

Hédène's Principle

The Most Beautiful Wildflower - Melliferous density of a single wildflower in a 3km-radius

Extracted from Honey Frames - Hédène makes sure only capped frames are extracted from the hives to obtain the highest quality for its honeys

A Sustainable Beekeeping - Hédène undertakes to select honey frames only from the superhives so that colonies may support their needs during winter

Cold Extraction - Subjected to cold centrifugal power through fast rotation, to clear cells and extract honey

Bottling - No Pasteurisation during bottling, retaining the most original unique aroma

Traceability and Designations’ Authentication

-- Know more about Hédène traditional beekeeping technique --


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