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Hédène Acacia Honey from Bourgogne

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Tasting Notes: Acacia, Maltose

With its unique crystal clear color, Hédène acacia honey has very refined aromas and an unprecedented sweetness. Without any acidity and bitterness, it almost fits everyone's taste.

It is a great digestive regulator*. Its glycemic index is low (20).

Harvested in Burgundy, with purely traditional beekeeping methods, Hédène acacia honey is particularly fluid. Its crystal clear color testifies a high quality. 

Burgundy (French: “Bourgogne”) is a region that most wine lovers are familiar with. Since the 16th century, “Les Climats”, literally “The Climate”, is a French word closely associated with Burgundy.

“Les Climats” describes not only the particular climate and soil in that region, but also the close connections between human beings and nature and their harmonious relationships developed through collaboration.

It is the unique climate, soil and people that enable a variety of symbolic Burgundy wine desired by many wine lovers. Our Hédène Acacia Honey is also originated there.


Burgundy, like most of the region in Europe, was almost completely submerged into the ocean until the end of the Jurassic period. Over the past 60 million years, various organic debris has accumulated up to kilometers thick limestone of different periods. The roots of the grapes absorb rich minerals in the limestone, creating the unique flavor of Burgundy wines.

Sunshine and Climate

The annual insolation duration in Burgundy reaches 2,000 hours, of which 75% is concentrated from April to September.

Acacia honey blossoming period goes from late April to late June. Harvest happens in July.

It is sweet and floral honey, with incomparably refined aromas. Its taste is lightly fruity. Its flavor is fine and its scent is subtle. This honey is appreciated for its liquid texture, transparent and clear.

Recommended Cheese Pairings

-  Fresh cheese

-  Fresh goat cheese

-  Brocciù

-  Cottage cheese

-  Petits suisses

Recommended Food Pairings

- Pancakes

 - Waffles

- Greek yogurt

- With Arctic Power Berries


Ingredients: 100% French Acacia Honey from Bourgogne

Weight: 250g

Country of origin: France


Suggested Usage

One to Two tea spoon per day, can directly eat or pair with above foods and cheese.

This is raw honey, Pasteurizing is not used during bottling to guarantee a unique aroma to each of Hédène French honey, for the kids with age below 3 are not suggested.



Store in cool condition, away from sunlight. 

*This product is made of natural acacia honey, for customary consumption as food and for well-being. It is neither a dietary supplement nor medicine. The benefits mentioned above refer to the health benefits that the honey itself may have.

Hédène's Principle

The Most Beautiful Wildflower - Melliferous density of a single wildflower in a 3km-radius

Extracted from Honey Frames - Hédène makes sure only capped frames are extracted from the hives to obtain the highest quality for its honeys

A Sustainable Beekeeping - Hédène undertakes to select honey frames only from the superhives so that colonies may support their needs during winter

Cold Extraction - Subjected to cold centrifugal power through fast rotation, to clear cells and extract honey

Bottling - No Pasteurisation during bottling, retaining the most original unique aroma

Traceability and Designations’ Authentication

-- Know more about Hédène traditional beekeeping technique --


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