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Hédène Collection of Grand Cru French Honey

  • Product Code: 法國傳統天然蜜糖 HÉDÈNE
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Hédène Collection of Grand Cru French Honey

· Hédène Acacia Honey from Bourgogne

· Hédène Linden Honey from Picardie

· Hédène Chestnut Honey from Périgord

Fine and elegant, Hédène French grand crus honeys box is made up of three emblematic Hédène French honeys with unique flavors, available in small sizes.

Acacia honey from Bourgogne, subtle and delicate,

Linden honey from Picardie, fresh and minty,

Chestnut honey from Tarn, intense and woody.


Ingredients: 100% Acacia Honey from Bourgogne; 100% Linden Honey from Picardie; 100% Chestnut Honey from Périgord

Weight: 40g x 3

Country of origin: France

Hédène's Principle

The Most Beautiful Wildflower - Melliferous density of a single wildflower in a 3km-radius

Extracted from Honey Frames - Hédène makes sure only capped frames are extracted from the hives to obtain the highest quality for its honeys

A Sustainable Beekeeping - Hédène undertakes to select honey frames only from the superhives so that colonies may support their needs during winter

Cold Extraction - Subjected to cold centrifugal power through fast rotation, to clear cells and extract honey

Bottling - No Pasteurisation during bottling, retaining the most original unique aroma

Traceability and Designations’ Authentication

-- Know more about Hédène traditional beekeeping technique --


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