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Hédène Blackberry Honey From Limousin

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Taste Reference

Notes: Blackberry, Melon, Raisin

Others: Cut Green Grass, Pepper

 With a meltingly soft creamy texture, Blackberry honey tastes like rosemary honey but has a fruity red berry note, stronger flavour and aromatic persistence.

Harvested in Limousin, Blackberry honey is extremely rare and symbolizes the wilderness of nature. 

The honey may have "tonifying" properties and help to relieve a sore throat.

About Limousin

Limousin is one of the most rural and the least populated region in France, located at the Massif Central, a highland region in the middle of Southern France. The natural scenery is magnificent, ranging from hills to woodland and basins. Cattle ranching is a key economic activity here and the widespread continuing afforestation stimulates timber production. It was a renowned centre of arts and culture in the Middle Age, with narrow streets and many fine half-timbered houses.

Limousin is not a renowned wine producing region although quality regional wine is produced. Most rural regions produce one thing closely associated with wine, which is oak barrels for the fermentation of wine throughout France.

Harvested in Limousin, France, blackberry honey is extremely rare and symbolizes the wilderness of nature. Blackberries blossom from June to September. Harvest is started in June.

Tasting Advice

- With water, coffee or yogurt

- With farmhouse bread or waffle

- With Arctic Power Berries

Recommended Cheese Pairings
 Long-lasting pressed type mature cheese
 Comté matured 
 Gouda matured 
 Shaving Parmesan


Ingredients: 100% French Blackberry Honey

Weight: 250g

Country of origin: France

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